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Bare Pumps > 7.5HP 3 Cylinder 2 Stage Air Compressor Pump
7.5HP 3 Cylinder 2 Stage Air Compressor Pump

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32CFM Air Compressor Pump


  • Solid cast iron 3 cylinder 2-stage piston series pump, oil lubricated design to extend pump life, rated at up to 50,000 hours (based on B-10 bearing life rating)
  • Ram-Tek - solid steel, heavy gauge rods, designed for maximum performance and durability
  • Cool-Tek - the coolest running compressors in the industry, air stream technology provides 35% lower operating temperature, reduces moisture build up and extends pump life
  • Flow-Tek - concentric disc valves, deliver maximum air flow and reliability with low replacement costs, easily accessible design provides easy maintenance and durability
  • Industrial grade ball bearing for maximum performance and extended pump life
  • Built-in head unloaders designed for continuous run applications
  • Bolt pattern: 9 7/8” side to side, 6 ½” Front to back
  • flywheel included on pump
  • Solid cast-iron cylinders, crankcase, flywheel, crankshaft, and valve plates
  • Large Steel Automotive-Type Filters – not plastic
  • Large site glass for viewing your oil level
  • dimensions of this pump are: 25” W x 13” D x 18” H
  • weight: 220 Lbs.
  • includes oil - holds 2 quarts of oil
  • 73 DBA

The Difference:

                Eaton Compressor delivers overwhelming performance to ensure that they meet the needs of the most demanding environments. Our Pumps require less maintenance, service and downtime than any other compressors in the Air Industry’s. All our Products are designed with exacting tolerance and specifications to deliver all the power that is needed at the jobsite, garage or shop.

“Free Air”:

                Our 3 Cylinder Heavy Industrial air compressor pump with 32 CFM Displacement and a Free Air (usable air) of 26 CFM @ 100 PSI can’t be beat. Don't be tricked by air compressor dealers giving you CFM Displacement and you think you are getting the Free Air...and you are really not.  For instance, this pump has 32 CFM Displacement.  I have seen companies advertise this as "32 CFM @ 125 PSI"--this is not true!  Displacement is the bore of the cylinder times the distance in the piston stroke times the RPM at zero pressure, but as you go up in pressure, you will lose efficiency on your pump.  The CFM will diminish from 32 to 26 @ 90 PSI.  We give you the "Free Air" @ Pressure and the CFM Displacement--NOTRICKS!!!  This pump has a maximum PSI of 150. The minimum RPM is 600 and a maximum RPM of 840. 

This pump is all cast iron.  When we say ALL CAST IRON, (not aluminum) that is what we mean.  It has solid cast iron cylinder, cylinder heads, crankcase, flywheel, crank, and forged steel connecting rods – not aluminum!  99% of the pumps you see on the market today have aluminum rods.  This style rod does not come close to a forged steel rod.  I have seen many compressors over the 26 years of building compressors, and many of them break – aluminum rods.  However, I have NEVER seen a steel connecting rod fail in one of our pumps.  The forged steel connecting rods are a $120.00 option included on our pump.  These rods also have a replaceable bearing on the crank journal and on the wrist pin journal.  This is what most of the competition do not have.


Parts list

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  • 5 year parts warranty
  • Warranty covers shipping for 90 days, thereafter the customer is responsible for shipping charges incurred for warranty parts.

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