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5HP 2 Cylinder Single Stage Air Compressor Pump

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This is our V-Style 2-Cylinder Heavy Industrial air compressor pump, with 32 CFM Displacement and a Free Air (usable air) of 26 CFM @ 100 PSI and runs at a low RPM of 840, but must be geared up with a TRUE 7.5 HP Motor.  This can also be slowed down to a 640 RPM speed and give you a Free Air of around 20 CFM @ 100 PSI.  Don't be tricked by air compressor dealers giving you CFM Displacement and you think you are getting the Free Air...and you are really not.  For instance, this pump has  32 CFM Displacement.  I have seen companies advertise this as "32 CFM @ 125 PSI"--this is not true!  Displacement is the bore of the cylinder times the distance in the piston stroke times the RPM at zero pressure, but as you go up in pressure, you will lose efficiency on your pump.  The CFM will diminish from 32 to 26 @ 100 PSI. With a 5 HP motor slowing the pump down, it will diminish to around 20 CFM @ 100 PSI.  We give you the "Free Air" @ Pressure and the CFM Displacement--NO TRICKS!!!  This pump has a maximum PSI of 150.  This pump can be run with a gasoline engine.  It is set up with head unloaders.  This will allow the pump to unload the valves in a continuous run application.  This is on top of the heads with the small 1/4" lines connecting them.  This also allows for complete unloaded, no load start, easy on your gasoline engine starter.  You must have an 8-10 HP to run this at a minimum RPM and a 13 HP to run it at maximum RPM.  To gauge your motor HP, check the amperage on 220V.  It takes 21 amps (running amps) to pull this pump at a 640 RPM speed.  The motor used to do this should be a 1750 RPM, 184-T Frame.  It will give you a much higher starting torque than a 3450 RPM motor.  For an 840 RPM speed, you should use a TRUE 7.5 HP, 32-amp, 215-T Frame, 1750 RPM motor.  A 3450 RPM in this HP is also not recommended because of lower starting torque.  This pump can be slowed down by putting a smaller pulley on your motor and it can be ran with a 5 HP motor pulling 21 amps on 220V (running amps).  Please note:  DO NOT go by the HP being advertised on most compressors because your motor will not be big enough to pull your pump.  The dimensions of this pump are: 18.5” W x 12.5” D x 15.5” H and Flywheel is 14.5”. Minimum RPM is 600 and a maximum RPM of 840. The shipping weight with skid and box is 200 lbs. This pump has all cast iron head, crankcase, crankshaft, flywheel, cylinders, and heavy-duty disk valves (the best valve on the market today). This pump runs at a SUPER, SUPER quiet 73 dba. This pump is not only quiet, it is not like the cheap pumps on the market. This pump is very durable and has 360 degree cooling around each cylinder. In a single-stage, V-Style 2-Cylinder design, you get maximum cooling around each cylinder. On the other in-line pumps, one piston behind the other, they do not cool as well as a V-Style 2-Cylinder pump. The reason for this is that the flywheel has a fan built into it. It blows air across the cylinders to help cool the pump, but the in-line pump has one cylinder behind the other and the back cylinder does not get air. This makes your pump run much hotter in heavy industrial applications. This pump has disk valves. Disk valves are easy to work on if needed and very durable. I can have intake and exhaust valves out of this pump in 5 minutes.  Each valve is sealed by an aluminum washer under the valve and sealed on the top with an O-ring.  There is no head gasket to fool with on this pump.  It has a head gasket to connect the head to the cylider, but the valves come out of the head.  This is the best system you will find.  It is "old school" built like years ago with high quality.  We recommend cast iron cylinders and disk valves for maximum durability and pump life. This pump has all steel connecting rods with replaceable insert bearings just like your car engine--all REBUILDABLE.  We have thousands of these pumps across the compressor market over our 26 years of being in business. You will find this pump will last for many years because of the connecting rod all steel design and disk valve design.  NO Aluminum connecting rods (throw away) or reed valves to fool with.  You must run the pump at the pump speed we recommend and do not go over the pump speed or your pump will not last ---Just remember...SPEED KILLS!!!  It will make your pump run hot, your valves will not perform as well, and your pump will run noisy.  For example, if your family car will go 140 miles an hour and you run it 140 miles an hour…how long will it last??? NOT VERY LONG!- this is the same principle in an air compressor pump - - if you run it at a lower RPM, it will last for years and years and years! The advantage of buying a pump here at our factory is we can give you technical advise and a complete parts inventory–in stock-at a reasonable price. This pump includes:


  • 36” x 36” skid and box for shipping
  • Pump is filled with oil – ready to use
  • Pump has a V-Style, 2-Groove A Belt Flywheel included on pump--2 belts ensure smooth operation,  minimal vibration, and longer belt life
  • V-Style Cylinders for maximum cooling
  • Solid cast-iron head, cylinders, crankcase, flywheel, crankshaft, and valve plates
  • Large Steel Automotive-Type Filters – not plastic
  • Large site glass for viewing your oil level
  • Large steel connecting rods with replaceable bearings-not throw away
  • Large disk valve, easy serviceable valve design

We can not ship this UPS!!! We have had flywheels get damaged, cylinder fins get broken, etc.; therefore, we only ship by motor freight. We receive a 75-83% Discount on Freight.  Please call or email us for a freight quote.  Our goal is to get you a great quality compressor at the best way of shipping at a reasonable price. **PLEASE NOTE: When sending in payment for compressor, please include the following information with payment: Name, Business Name (if applicable), ship-to address, itemized list of what you have paid for (description of unit with amount, freight and additional services (if applicable). This helps our accounting department and ensures the correct unit is shipped since many are being shipped daily. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, money orders, certified checks, and business checks and personal checks. However, if paying by business or personal check, unit will ship 10 days after receipt of check. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us @ 877-283-7614. This unit’s warranty is for parts for 5 years.  The advantage of buying from our company is that you are in direct contact with the factory who knows air compressors (because WE build them).  The problem from buying from most dealers is that they do not even know how the compressor operates or how to fix it.  This unit's warranty is covered by our 24-hour, 7 days/week assistance here at the factory. If you purchase from us, you will be provided with 24/7 service and we will provide  you with cell phone numbers for technical support. When you receive the unit and have any questions about the unit that you do not understand when hooking it up, I, as the Owner, am here to help you 24/7.  I guarantee you the problem will be fixed quickly and effeciently.  I know our compressors like the back of my hand and you can count on us!!  We stock all warranty parts for this unit. Most dealers do not stock all parts for their unit. They have to order it. This makes downtime for you, the customer, that you do not need. We hardly ever see a warranty. We have the best warranty in the business because of the quality and pride put into our unit. 


Bolt Pattern:

10 1/4" Side To Side

5 3/8" Front to Back


15" Tall

18" Wide

11 3/4" Deep

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