This is our 5.5 HP Honda Gas Driven, V Style 2 Cylinder single stage, 100% Cast Iron Construction Compressor.  We have been building top-quality compressors here at our factory since 1977! The Maximum RPM of this pump is 1130. The pump has all cast iron cylinder head, crankcase, cylinder walls, valve plates, flywheel and crankshaft. This pump is a V-style compressor which runs much cooler than an in-line style or one piston in-line with the other.  The problem with the in-line single stage is the back cylinder does not get air off of the flywheel for cooling.  Under industrial applications, your pump will run hot.  Not with the V-style.  The V-style in a single stage is the way to go for long compressor life and cool compressor running. This compressor has a CFM Displacement of 13.  This CFM is the bore of the cylinder times the stroke or the distance the piston travels times the RPM the pump is running (1130 RPM) at zero pressure.  As you go up in pressure, the higher you go, the less CFM you get.  For example, this pump has 13 CFM Displacement at zero PSI and has 9.7 @ 90 PSI.  You can see as you go up in pressure, your CFM will diminish.  Most people think the opposite…the more air pressure you have the more air you are getting, but this is the opposite- - the more pressure you have the LESS air you are getting.  



We use the HONDAengine -- We need to say no more!  Everybody knows Honda and the quality they have.  This engine has much better starting than most of our competition and the slant cylinder design makes it much smoother than the vertical cylinder engines on the market.  This engine has an overhead valve system.  It also has low-oil shutdown and carries a 3 year Honda  factory warranty.


Our tank is the best quality in the gas-drive market.  It is rated for a maximum pressure of 200 PSI.  This unit will pump to a maximum of 135 so the tank has much more capacity than the compressor will put out.  This tank is ASME certified.  This means it is certified by the U.S. Government to work at 200 PSI at a maximum working temperature of 450o and is U.S. made.  If you check our twin tank rivals, they use a non-code tank which means it is not ASME certified.  The tank is much thinner and will rust out much faster if not drained from condensation.  There are many states that will not allow a non-code tank to be used.  California is one of them.  Non-code tanks can be very dangerous and in some cases can explode causing serious injury. 

The Difference:

This unit has pneumatic tires, one on each side of the tank.  This makes for stable rolling around, unlike most units with only one wheel in the middle.  One wheel is ok, but not as stable when you are rolling it around.  This unit also has rubber handle grips on each handle for good handle gripping.  Unit has a handle on the other end so 2 men can load it easily.  This unit has a heavy-duty 13-guage belt guard fabricated for this unit here at the factory and is OSHA approved.  This unit also has a ¾” regulator included – it is an $84.00 option that we include on this unit.  This makes it nice because by going ¾” as opposed to most units on the market with ¼”, you will not lose volume or pressure because it is too small.  You can bush it down from ¾” to the size of your fittings.  This unit has V-belt drive, not poly-V.  V-belt is much more dependable and will last much longer without belt slippage.  We use a cast-iron drive pulley on the Honda engine.  Cast-iron pulley will last much longer than an aluminum pulley.  We also use metal filters instead of plastic.  This unit is equipped with 2 automotive style air filters.

 The Advantage:

  • 200 PSI ASME-Certified Tank ($100.00 more than non-code twin tank)
  • Raised-mounted platform under compressor pump- this raises the pump and allows air flow under the crankcase to help cool your oil ($40.00 value)
  • 1/2” Regulator – Industrial Quality installed on the unit ($84.00 value)
  • This unit’s warranty is covered by our 24-hour, 7 days/week here at the factory. 
  • stock all warranty parts for this unit for IMMEDIATE shipment.

 The advantage of buying from our company is that you are in direct contact with the factory who knows air compressors (because WEbuild them).  If you would have a warranty issue, someone is here to take your call anytime of the day or night (not an answering service). We have the best warranty in the business because of the quality and pride put into our unit.

All units are tested and inspected before shipment. The unit will come Pre-filled with oil and ready to use!

Compressor Information
Compressor Style Piston Gas powered
Max Working PSI 135
Motor Information
Horse Power 5.5
Product Attributes
CFM 14 CFM @ 100 PSI / 10 CFM @ 175 PSI

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5.5HP Honda 17 Gallon Air Compressor

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  • Factory Direct Price: $1,075.00
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