We have hands down the best warranty in the Industry!


Featured Options:

    Precision Built German Bauer/RotoComp Over-sized pump (since 1934)  10-year warranty

    US Motor Corps Y/Delta NEMA American Standard Inverter duty TEFC Premium Efficiency motor... USA standard UL/CSA Listed ( Since 1960)- 10-year warranty

  • Eaton Compressor PLC Logistic Controller UL/ CSA Listed (since 1977) - 5 year warranty

    Eaton Compressor Automatic belt tensioner ( since 1977) - 5-year warranty

    Schneider Y Delta Magnetic Contactors UL/CSA listed ( since 1960)

    Eaton Compressor Heavy gauge sound proof enclosure with all east to remove cabinet doors ( since 1977) - 5-year warranty

    •German Made Rosenberg oil/air aftercooler cycling fan ( since 1981) - 5-year warranty

    HD oil/ Air hydraulic Style Lines

    Schneider internal electrical circuit breakers UL/CSA listed ( since 1960) - 5-year warranty

    HD control transformer UL/CSA listed - 5-year warranty

    HD air/oil separator tank UL/CSA listed

    •Mann Filters, Air, oil and Air/Oil separator filters ( since 1940)

    •Continental Belts 20,000 HR life ( since 1871 )

    Eaton Compressor HD permanent fixed lines are solidly built to last for the life of the compressor (since 1977)

    VMC inlet valve and load solenoid (since 1960 )

    Finished Built and tested in the USA

The Polar Air Difference:

Polar air by Eaton Compressor has defined three goals intended to make us the most successful 7.5hp air compressor manufacturer in the industry, Premium quality products, Best warranty and highest customer satisfaction! We know that there is only one way to reach our goals, by doing things right! We use only the best Brand name components to manufacture our products. Our 7.5hp air compressor Rotary screws have the newest and greatest technology in the compressor industry. The Polar Air by Eaton Compressor 3rd Generation rotary screw units have top shelf brand name components with NO china parts! These Top brand suppliers have been in business for many years and provide only the best quality and energy efficiency, parts/service will give the best all around support for our customers.Our, best in the compressor industry warranty reflects our units quality with no tricks or deception. We offer NO generic parts. These top brand parts suppliers come at a higher cost to our company 30% more than the cheaper generic brands. We would rather use the best brand parts and pay a little more upfront, then have a dissatisfied customer down the road with parts availability and quality. Our shopping customers ask how do you compare against brand X....? we think we are better in a lot of ways. Our screw pumps, electric motors, magnetic contactors, and filters are none proprietary to our brand. This gives the customer a fair option. Proprietary parts is another way to rip off the customer. We have seen PLC's cost $3,000 on a $5,000 compressor. This same comparable PLC through our company is $750. We have seen motors from other big brands made proprietary to their design purposely costing 500% more than our motor. We have seen magnetic contactor's from our competitors with special part numbers costing 500% more. We have seen the screw compressor pumps from the competitor that are proprietary to their design costing 500% more. Save yourself from being ripped off when quoting your next compressor, be sure to get a quote from them on the compressor and main replacement parts and compare. Ask the replacement cost for the screw, electric motor, filters, cooling radiator, and fan. We encourage you to compare so Let us share with you why we are the best!

The Heart of your Rotary Screw:

The Airend is the most important part of your compressor, it is the heart of the machine that actually compresses the air. That is why here at, Polar Compressor by Eaton Compressor we use only the best German and Finland name brand airends. The German made EVO Rotocomp have been producing these airends for over 65 years. Our Finland made G.D airends have been around since the early 1900'S. Most airends are only good for up to 40,000 hours and then they need a complete overhaul, with our airends they are good for  70,000 running hours as long as the unit is maintenance routinely and the correct oil is used. Polar Air Gives you a 10-year warranty on all their airends!

All Polar Air Rotary Screw air compressors are equipped with these state of the art screw airend compressors manufactured in Germany and Finland. These airends have precision-aligned back to back tapped roller bearings with close tolerances guarantee long life cycles and outstanding reliability. Each air end is tested to meet consistent high-quality standards.

These airends use the highest quality duplex tapered roller bearings which extend the lifetime by double over the ball bearings design. These airends were designed with two separate bearings one to take the axial load and the other takes the radial loads. So even in the most severe conditions it gives longer bearing life to the airend.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         These State of the art airends air cooled by a flood of injected oil. The oil injection sprays directly onto the rotors and roller bearings,

this helps efficiently cool the compressor. The oil helps to seal any gaps or clearances between the rotors and the housing. It works

in the way of not allowing air to flow back the wrong way thus lowering your air ends efficiency and performance.

Energy Facts Rotary Screw Pumps.


  1.  Tolerances and Rotor Profile Designs. Components used to produce a rotary screw compressor pump are very important in regard to true energy savings.  Tamm Rotor by Gardner Denver (Finland) Male/Female rotors and cylinder cases are machined to highest precision tolerances. These high tolerance standards reduce internal pump leak paths and yield high scfm performance. A lot of foreign rotary screw compressors talk a big game but cannot meet the precision tolerance standards in their rotary compressor performance.  This is because of outdated antiquated machinery and outdated compressor designs.  GD patented rotor designs yield the highest performance in KW to CFM output performance.  Making pumps with high-efficiency standard’s costs a lot more to produce in time and labor costs.  GD is a top 5 world compressor component manufacturer with over 150 years of know-how experience in the compressor industry.  They are continuously increasing performance, staying ahead of the competition and saving energy.


    1. 100,000 hr Bearing Performance. Most rotary screw compressors on the market are only good for 20,000 to 40,000-hour pump bearing life spans.  GD pumps are good up to 100,000 hours on the pump bearing life. Lower bearing quality and bearing designs, in turn, yield lower rotary screw pump life and low compressor performance over time.


    1. Gear Driven Direct Drive Pumps.   Because of the true 100% alignment and load reduction of the pump and motor bearings, GD gear driven pumps save from 1-2% on energy over a belt driven pump. Units without gearboxes have no flexibility in changing higher pressure ranges.  For every 10 PSI increase, it puts a 5% greater load on the electric drive motor. Our units are gear set for 145 PSI ranges. If a customer wants a higher PSI of 175, it requires a reduction in pumps speed to reduce the load on the drive motor.  Our pumps can be changed to different gear ratios for customers wanting a pressure increase, while units without a gearbox in place cannot change to high psi with changing the whole pump which can be a huge cost change.


    1. Rotary Screw VSD/VFD Advantage Option over a Rotary Vane Compressor   A rotary screw compressor is the most efficient in variable speed applications.  Our units can vary in the motor rpm as much as an 80% reduction.  Rotary screw units do not depend on centrifugal force to operate the compressor air like a vane type compressor.   A vane type compressor depends on the high rpm to slide the cylinder vanes to make compression.   When pump speeds are reduced a sliding vane pump loses rpm and its centrifugal force to operate yielding more leak paths and lower performance at lower pump speeds. Vane-style compressors also loose efficacy in higher PSI ranges.  A rotary screw pump has a fixed rotor and yields more cfm efficiency at higher pressure ranges up to 218 PSI if needed.

                                                Receiving Tank

These units come mounted on a 120 gallon Horizontal painted receiving tank equipped with auto-drain , hydraulic hoses, and fittings.

These tanks are made in the USA  and have a ring-based design to prevent cracking, Standard NPT ports, ASME, NBBI, & CRN approvals, they are rated up to 450 degrees F, and they are coated with anti-corrosive/ rust prevention blended steel to increase the tanks life. 

Premium Industrial Motors

We use only premium industrial name brand motors to run our compressors. Polar air uses only low 1750 RPM motors. We have chosen motors that come with the best certificates and quality assurances so we know that you are getting the best as well! We use High-Efficiency inverter variable speed duty motors constructed with superior materials, higher service factors, longer bearing lives, lower waste- heat output and less vibration. We also pass the motor warranty on to you for a full 5 year on single phase and a full 10 year on 3 phase!!

The US Motor Corps Motors are made of heavy duty cast iron construction. We use TEFC (Total enclosed fan cooled ), meaning the motor is dust tight and doesn't allow outside air in, it instead uses the fan to blow air over the frame of the motor to cool it. These motors all have copper bar rotors, this technology dates back to the 1920's. Copper helps improve the electrical energy efficiency of the motor because of its density and ability to transfer energy. Many motors are made of aluminum rotors, these inefficient electric motors waste electrical energy and therefore cost more to operate. Copper reduces the energy loss by 15-20% compared to aluminum. Inefficient motors cause many issues, they waste more energy, in turn increasing electrical demand, thus increasing your electrical cost. Copper generates less heat and thermal stress, therefore, enabling longer life to the motor then aluminum.

Save that energy!!

Energy Saving Facts VSD/VFD

                Variable Speed Drive Option, or Variable Frequency Drive, Rotary Screw Air Compressor can save up to 40% of your total compressor power usage. In most shops, air compressors can consume, on average, as much as 1/5th of the total power being used in their shop. Many manufacturing plants and small businesses do not realize the amount of energy that a compressor without VSD/VFD technology added can waste. Energy savings, depending on compressor size, can be as much as tens of thousands of dollars, and even hundreds of thousands over a 15-year period. Payback is only a one year on average with our compressor system when buying Non-Variable Speed (fixed speed) vs. Variable Speed; Whereas, larger brand compressors run at about a 6-7-year payback. They are draining approximately ½ of your energy savings over the life of the compressor. Polar Air by Eaton Compressor can help you save in a BIG way with the savings coming straight to you.

                3 Benefits of Variable Speed Drive:

1.       Starting Peak Demand Savings. A standard speed unit can be up to 7xs greater to start up whereas with a variable speed that isn’t the case.  Variable speed gradually increases motor speed ramping the startup RPM slowly. Companies that are not on Peak Demand Meter suffer immensely on their Demand electric bill charges.

2.       Running Demand Savings. Polar Air by Eaton Compressor has a quick and easy adjustable pressure setting in the PLC controller. The pressure ranges from 70 PSI to 145 PSI. Our factory setting falls in the 120 to 145 PSI range. The motor will run the pump at full speed after start-up to low-pressure PLC setting of 125 PSI. Once 125 PSI is achieved then, as each PSI increase from 125 PSI to 145 PSI, the motor will reduce its speed. After full PSI is reached then the electric motor will enter a full idle mode. Our units have a cfm turn down of 80% full cfm. Our 7.5 HP cfm range is from 29 cfm (high side) and 5.8 (low side). This system works off your air demand saving energy in a big way.

Wear and Tear Savings. Variable speed compressors save wear and tear on the pump and motor bearings. The constant reduction in the motor speeds reduces the friction on the bearing loads which will increase the motor and rotary screw pump life cycle.

VMC Inlet Valve

  As mention earlier the airend is the heart of the compressor but is does not work alone. The outside air is brought in and filtered before it hits the inlet valve to insure it is receiving clean air.  The inlet valve regulates the amount of air that is sucked in by the rotary screw. When the valve is in a "loaded state it is compressing air and pumping it into the airend, when it is in an "unloaded" state is shuts off the air supply, so the motor and screw air turning but not taking in air. Therefore not pumping any air to the system. Our VMC inlet valves have a counter weight which insures fast, tight closer when the air flow is reversed. This load and unload system has greater energy savings as well. When running the compressor in unloaded state it allows the compressor to store more air then is being used., a storage tank must be used in this case.  The larger the the storage tank the longer the the no load cycle time, the greater the savings. This unis will save you hundreds on your electric bill because under start up the modulator valve is completely closed. This closes the air off to the screw intake making low load under start up. After the unit gets started, it has a 12-secound time delay. this allows the unit to get running fro 12 seconds before it starts pumping air. This makes no load starting and will save your magnetic starter contractor and motor because of low amp draw.  VMC was established in the 1970's      

Programmable Logistic Controller    

7.5hp air compressor by Eaton Compressor is controlled by a user friendly Logika PLC (Programmable Logistic Controller). This controller makes this unit bullet proof. These controllers have may many features that are extremely user friendly and easy to use. Here are some of its key features.

    variable speed ready to Control the speed of the motor

    Adjust Pressure - to what pressure range you need. This can be set by the customer, this unit has a shutdown in case the unit goes over pressure. the unit has a maximum pressure setting - the computer will sense that it is going over pressure and will shut down.

    Low Oil Shutdown - if the controller senses that the unit is going into high temperature it will shut it down. It will also shut down if the compressor runs low on oil.

    Reverse Fault - the controller will control when the unit is wired up if it is running backwards, it will sense a reverse rotation fault and shut the unit down

    High Voltage Fault - if the voltage is 15% over the power supply voltage rated on the Polar compressor data plate, the unit will shut down. Also if the voltage is 15% under it will shut is down as well.

    Over AMP Shut down - if the motor is pulling to many amps it will shut down. You can check the amp draw of the electric motor as it is running and also on the exhaust fan motor

    Clock and Date - Built in Clock and Date to help keep track of preventative maintenance services.

    Light - Has a built in light for dark locations.

    Parameters- has a maintenance parameter system to create and maintain the parameter and control information.

    Hour meter - Built in hour meter to keep track of the running hour on the machine.

    Fault History -The PLC stores history if the unit shuts down, information on why it shut down is stored

    Maintenance Service - Keeps track of when to change the air filter, oil filter and the coalescing filter along with the unit needs greased. When they need changed the PLC will sound an alarm.After changing you simply reset that filter back to zero and start the maintenance tracker again.

    Air Differential Control- with differential control you have a wide range of pressure settings. You can take the kick-in pressure all the way down to 100 PSI and all the way up to 145 PSI. You can adjust this range anywhere in between. You can also set the high end down to a lower pressure where ever the customer unit pressure is desired. The Polar Compressor is factory set at 120 kick in and 145 kick out. The lower the pressure the higher CFM and the more hours you will get on your screw compressor, so keep the pressure as low as possible.

    Built in Timer -will sense when the unit is not being used for a period of 20 minutes under no load, this will shut down the machine automatically so it will restart as air pressure goes down to the kick- in set point.

    On- line demand - this setting is made for high volume and will bypass the automatic kick-off mode. It allows the unit to keep running on continuous run mode for high air demand.

    Warranty - These PLC's carry a 5 year warranty

    Daily / weekly Schedule - This unit can be programmed to start in the morning, can shuts its self at lunch if needed and can turn itself in the even as well, or when ever needed.

    Self Start - if the power is lost this unit will automatically restart itself, this eliminates a maintenance crew to have to restart after the shut down.

    Master Slave - this controller can switch from one unit to the other and maintain the same use of hours, it can adjust the pressure to be the lead or the lag unit.


     Premium Mann Filters

    Filters help protect the compressor from wear and damage. It is the most inexpensive way to prevent possible costly repairs. It is vital that these filters are replaced and inspected on a routine basis, the timing is important as is reduces the chances of component and airend contamination. It can decrease the energy efficiency of your machine as well if not done.  Because we know the importance we use only genuine Mann Filters. These Filters are not exclusive to us therefore after your warranty is up you will still be able to find these parts. Mann Filters are made with exceptional quality and provide optimum protection against harmful elements. Our rotary's also have Pre-Filtration on the outside of the cabinets. Although this is an upgraded feature it is one that is well worth the cost to protect the life of your compressor. Even in environments that are not that dirty the build up over time can be damaging to the system and seriously impact the performance. ask about adding a Pre-filter kit to your system to save even more money!                     


    When it comes to the smaller parts of our units we don't spare on quality neither.  For Our electrical components are French made Telemecanique, they are also UL/CSA compliant. We use High quality brass valves. We use V-Belts from top name brands that are rated for 25,000 hour life expectancy. The Rotary screw cabinet is made with heavy metal construction with easy latch doors that contain sound proof material for ultra quiet operation. We do not use china parts on any of our rotary screws! We know that our units will prove themselves worthy of being the best air compressors on the market! Once you purchase one of our compressor from any of our series you are part of the Polar Compressor Family! If you have any questions or air ready for a quote please contact someone form our sales team and they will be happy to help! 

    The BEST Warranty Around!

    Polar Air by Eaton Compressor backs all their compressors with the best warranty in the industry, and we are not kidding we did the homework! WE have provided you with the warranty comparison as well. Polar Air By Eaton Compressor gives their Rotary screws a full 10 year warranty! The warranty is NOT pro-rated. Make sure to research and ask questions when warranty comparing. Be sure when you buy that you are buying a FULL warranty. Just remember, a Pro-rated warranty means that the older the compressor gets the more risk you are in, the potential  percentage is higher that you may pay out of your pocket. With our warranty we don't ask you to buy a service plan or extended warranty, we just ask that you purchase and use our oil and filters. This ensures the correct oil with the specs needed to run our pumps is used. Our trained service and support team is ready if you ever need them and we carry a full line of new replacement parts. 


Product Source
Product Source America, Germany, Italy - NO CHINA
Compressor Information
CFM 29 @ 100 PSI
Compressor Style Rotary Screw Swingarm Complete Package
Drive Type Belt Driven
Air End Model Rotocomp -EVO02
Outlet Connection 1"
Variable Speed Drive Model Altivar 71
Dimension: Length x Depth x Height (in inches) 71 x 28 x 70
Motor Information
Motor Type Lincoln TEFC
Horse Power 7.5hp
Phase Single
Motor RPM 1750
Voltage 208/230
Tank Information
Tank Size 120 Gallon
Tank Orientation Horizontal
Drain Type Automatic
Air Dryer Information
Dryer CFM 30 CFM
Dryer Voltage 115 V
Dryer Outlet Size 1/2"
Dryer Orientation Swingarm Hinge - Easy Access
Dryer Drain Built in timed automatic drain
Dryer filtration Built in coalescing Filter
Dew Point (degrees F) 37-50
Max Ambient Temperature (degrees F) 122
Refrigerant Type 134-A
Max Rated Inlet Temperature (degrees F) 140

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7.5HP Single Phase 120 Gallon Variable Speed Drive Rotary Screw Swing Arm

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