"Arctic-Green" 144 CFM Refrigerated Air Dryer

For Use with 25HP - 30HP Air Compressors


SALE Pricing - $1,925 Call Today!

Features and Benefits

  • Purifies compressed air by chilling to condense moisture
  • High Refrigerant Safety
  • Low Refrigerant Safety
  • Condensate is drained carrying oil and dirt particles away from the air
  • Auto Drain system - eliminates the need for daily maintenance
  • PLC Display (models 400 CFM & Above)
  • Outlet air baffle heater - prevents condensation on outlet air piping
  • Heavy duty steel cabinet
  • Trouble free operation refrigerated air inlet inner cooler for high temp cooling
  • Side mounted Condenser & Fan Motor
  • Environmentally friendly 134A refrigerant

Water condensation in your air supply lines can be very frustrating. It can create downtime and cause damage to your Air Tools, CNC Machines, Laser/Plasma Cutting, Paint Booth and many other items that require dry compressed air in the workplace. All air compressors produce condensation (water) without an air dryer in place. The added cost of repairs from water damage can far exceed the cost of a new air dryer system over time. Polar Air (Artic Green) dryers are refrigerated type dryers. Refrigerated dryers require low electric power consumption along with low maintenance cost to operate.

Polar Air (Artic Green) refrigerated dryers circulate refrigerant R134A through a non-corrosive aluminum plate heat exchanger. As the hot compressed air enters the heat exchanger of the dryer, it is cooled to a 37/40-degree dew point. The cool refrigerant absorbs the heat from the compressed air. The hot gas refrigerant is then cooled through the condenser with cycling cooling fan. As the compressed air is cooled the humidity in the air changes its form, from a gas state to condensate (water droplets). These water droplets are then collected in an internal water trap which is built into the refrigerated air dryer with a built-in automatic drain valve. 

Polar Air (Artic Green) dryers come equipped with a built-in inlet pre-filter .005 micron and an active coalescing filter 001-micron outlet filter. The inlet pre-filter and outlet filter include a built-in auto-drain. This makes the dryer plug and play. No extra expensive filters to buy and no extra plumbing to do. Just run a line from the compressor to the inlet of the dryer and run an airline out of the dryer to your shop. Then add electric power to the dryer and you are ready to use. Quick and easy. Our Arctic Green Dryers pair perfectly with your Piston or Rotary Screw Air Compressor.

Polar Air dryers are a World Class solution to clean dry air and NON-CHINA or India made.


Compressor Information
CFM 144
Compressor Style Air Dryer
Description 144CFM Dryer
Dimension: Length x Depth x Height (in inches) Crated: 36" x 36" x 41"
Product Weight (Lbs) Crated Weight: 251lbs
Motor Information
Phase 1
AMP Draw 14
Voltage 115
Air Dryer Information
Dew Point (degrees F) 37-50
Pipe Size: Inlet & Outlet (inches) 1 1/2"
Max Ambient Temperature (degrees F) 120
Refrigerant Type R-134A
Max Rated Inlet Temperature (degrees F) 150
Additional Information
Certification UL / CSA

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Polar Air "Arctic-Green" 144 CFM Refrigerated Air Dryer

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  • Retail Price: $2,908.00
  • Factory Direct Price: $1,925.00
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