• Dual 10HP V-4 Single Phase 240 Gallon Horizontal

This unit can be used for heavy industrial applications such as body shops, machine shops, poly foam insulation rigs, sandblasting shops, car washes, wood working shops, dry cleaners & many other uses.

            We guarantee our unit to be the best quality on the market. That is why we offer a 5-Year Parts Warranty. Our product is the best or we could not offer this warranty. We have been manufacturing units since 1977 and have approximately 90,000 units on the market and offer complete parts, sales, and service.


68 SCFM @ 175 PSI / 76 SCFM @ 100 PSI

Features & Options Included:

  • No China Parts
  • ·(2) Eaton APP4V1043T 100% Cast-Iron Construction Compressor Pumps
  • ·Low Pump RPM – SUPER QUIET – NOT High RPM & Loud
  • ·Raised Mounting Platforms under the Pumps
  • ·Built-In Inter-Cooler & After-Cooler
  • ·Solid Cast Iron Crankcase with oil sight glass– NOT Aluminum
  • ·Steel Crankshaft with Ball Bearing for Solid Pump Support
  • ·Cast Iron Cylinders – NOT Aluminum with Sleeve
  • ·ALL Steel Connecting Rods with Replaceable bearings – NOT aluminum
  • ·Disk Valves – NOT Cheap Reed Valves. Disk Valves are much easier to maintain & more durable
  • ·(2) Industrial-Duty, 1750 RPM (not 3450 RPM) Name Brand Motors – TEFC Dust & Waterproof -    UL & CSA Approved
  • ·1-3/8” Motor Output Shaft on each motor
  • ·(2) Adjustable Belt Tentioner
  • ·3-B Style Drive Belts – Heavy Industrial Grade
  • ·(2)100% 13-Gauge Steel Belt Guard
  • ·(2) Taper Lock Industrial Motor Pulley – Cast Iron
  • ·ASME Certified Air Tank – Approved for ALL 50 states
  • ·Continuous Run & Automatic Start/Stop
  • ·Prewired Pressure Switch wired to Magnetic Starter Switch
  • ·¾” Ball Valve Outlet Valve
  • ·All ASME Safety Valves on Receiver Tank
  • ·Tank Drain Pipe with Ball Valve with Dual Timer, Electronic 110V Automatic Tank Drain – Adjustable Timed Cycles (with strainer)
  • ·All Brass ¾” Check Valve with Teflon Seat
  • ·Built-in Unloader which allows load less starting
  • ·High Quality Pressure Gauge
  • ·This unit includes $1,270.00 in features at no additional charge!


  • ·Shipping Weight: 2500 lbs.·
  • ·Horizontal Dimensions: 84” L x 30” W x 58” H
  • ·(2) True 10 HP Single Phase or 3-Phase Name Brand Motor – 1750 RPM – 208/230/460/480V
  • ·(2) 10 HP, V-4 , 2-Stage Pump
  • 120-gallon Horizontal ASME Air Tank
  • ·(2) 60-amp circuit breaker required on Single Phase, 208/220V
  • ·(2) 40-amp circuit breaker required on 3-Phase, 208/220V
  • ·(2) 20-amp circuit breaker required on 3-Phase, 460/480V
  • ·5-Year Bumper-to-Bumper Parts Warranty – NOT pro-rated




            Eaton Pumps are built to last and are SUPER quiet in operation. This is because of our low pump speeds and compressor design. TheAPP4V1043T Pump has all steel connecting rods with replaceable rod bearing inserts. This means our rods can be rebuilt and are not a throw-away. 99% of our competitions (name brand) are using aluminum throw-away connecting rods with no rebuild able capability. The all cast iron crankshaft with Timken-Style roller bearings on the front and rear of the crankshaft create a smoother operating compressor and less drag and less electric being used. Removable 100% cast iron cylinders. This makes it more stable under heavy workloads and does not warp from heat like aluminum cylinders with a pressed-in sleeve. Most of our competitions are using aluminum cylinders with a pressed-in sleeve. They are only good for 40-50% duty cycle and claim 100% duty cycle. In a year or so, most are replaced because they would not hold up under heavy use. Aluminum heads from heat will also cause head gasket problems . All cast iron cylinder heads – NOTaluminum.  Cast iron heads are more dependable and will last with trouble free operation. Intake and Exhaust valves are disk valve design. Most of our competition are using reed valves which are throw away and not rebuild able. Disk valves can be serviced in minutes instead of hours like reed valves. Our disk valves come out of the top of the head. Disk valves have been around for over 100 years. Our compression and oil rings are high quality and provide low oil carry over (1-5 pmm). Our pumps are precision ground pistons with tight tolerances for low oil carry over. We also use quality non-absorbent gaskets. This keeps oil seepage from coming off of the pump. This pump has an all cast iron flywheel with built-in fan– NOT aluminum. Aluminum does not give the proper throw when the pump is running. The extra weight of cast iron when running gives the pump more throw on the compression stroke and puts less load on the electric motor. Our crankcase is also all cast iron – NOT aluminum. All cast iron will give stable crankshaft alignment and will handle more work load under heavy load conditions. This pump has built-in intake head unloaders. These unloaders are built into the intake valve assembly on the compressor head. These unload or open the intake valves under constant run applications such as gas drive and electric units for constant run applications. This feature reduces internal pump heat from compression because the intake valve is held open under unloading cycle. It allows fresh air to come into the cylinder chamber but under compression stroke, the unloader holds the intake valve open allowing the air to blow back out the intake filter. This fresh air absorbs the heat out of the pump under heavy workloads. This pump includes a built-in inter-cooler which cools the air between stages. The air-cooled after-cooler is the cooler for the second stage that cools the air before it goes into the tank and also includes an all copper main feed line from the pump into the tank. This is copper for durability and not aluminum. We have one of the lowest RPM compressors on the market. This is critical. Many companies are lowering the quality of their product and running high RPM. High RPM causes high noise or db levels, lots of water in your air because the air is much hotter, lots of vibration and harmonic distortion, less belt wear, and most of all – longer pump life. Don’t cheat yourself…go low RPM and a BIG pump. Go Big or go home – you will be glad you did. Compare pump speeds from different manufacturers and you will see we are the lowest RPM. We can still give you high CFM with low RPM because our bore and stroke are bigger allowing us to run the pump slower causing less friction and heat buildup. Just remember…speed kills. Our competition is using small pumps that are noisy and high RPM. This is a recipe for pump failure.


            This platform is a nice feature for keeping your oil cool within the pump. This platform raises the pump approximately 2” off the mounting base plate. This allows 100% of the fan from the flywheel to circulate cool air not only on the sides and front of the crankcase, but also under the crankcase as a constant flow of air. This feature gives your pump cool oil - - cooler oil not only helps to lubricate the pump but pulls the heat off the pistons and connecting rods. This will add many years of life to the compressor pump.



            This motor has been around for many years in the U.S. It is manufactured 100% in the U.S. This motor is a very durable and tough motor and meets UL and CSA requirements. This motor can be in a saw mill, body shop, or any dusty condition and requires no maintenance for cleaning dust and dirt from inside the motor. This is a $150-200 option that we include on this unit. Our motors are low RPM, not 3450 RPM like most of our competition. 1750 RPM motors give you low harmonic distortion, much higher torque in cold weather starting and require less electricity under start up. This will reduce your electric bill. 1750 RPM motors also run much cooler than 3450 RPM motors because of the higher torque factor. The Motor has a large 1-3/8” output shaft and weighs approximately 187 lbs. This motor is all copper wound on the running and starting windings. Some motors are aluminum windings with a copper coating over the top to make it “look like” copper. Copper is the best. This motor also has high quality ball bearings on the front and rear of the motor shaft. This motor includes large starting capacitors and running capacitors. This increases the start-up load and running load of the motor. This motor is a 215-T Frame, 1.15 Service Factor load. This means the motor can be pulled 15% over full load for more break horsepower. Dynamically balanced armature for low vibration levels. Check very carefully when buying your compressor. You will see 3450 RPM motors in a single phase that only weighs approximately 75-90 lbs. They are much cheaper built. That is why the 1750 RPM motor is the way to go for longevity. Also, be very careful and make sure if a motor is claimed to be 7.5 or more HP that it pulls at least 32 full-load amps. This full load amp rating is printed on the motor tag on your motor. Many companies are claiming that a motor is 7 HP and only has a 15-amp motor rating. For a motor on 220V, single phase power to be a true HP, it must use 4-1/2 – 5 amps per HP. This means that motors they were claiming to be 7 HP and only pulling 15 amps were only a 3 HP motor. They are giving you a PEAK HP which is only good for about 2 seconds or less of the start up of the unit. This is a big trick to make you think you are getting a big HP when you are really only getting ½ of what is claimed. Make sure it is 32 amps on 220V, single phase and 1750 RPM. You will be glad you did.


            This unit includes an auto belt tentioner. If you have ever tightened belts on your compressor, you will know without a belt tentioner that it is almost impossible to get the correct belt tension and keep your belts in alignment. With our unit, this is not a problem anymore. Just loosen the 4 bolts under the motor about 2 threads and take a ¾” wrench and turn the bolt on the end of the tentioner and your belts are tightened and perfectly aligned. This makes maintenance happen in a few minutes and it is done correctly.


            We manufacture our belt guards tougher than any you will find today. Many are using plastic or a bird-cage style belt guard. This is a cheap way of building a belt shield and is not durable. Our belt guard is made out of 13-gauge material and is all OSHA approved.


            Our tanks are ASME code American Made air receivers. This tank meets codes in all 50 states including California.


            This automatic drain is a nice feature for saving the life of your air tank. Moisture or humidity is in the air and is consumed into the compressor while under compression stage. This moisture is then transferred to the compressor into the air tank. If the compressor is low RPM and runs cooler (like our unit does), then a lot of the water is condensed out of the air into the air receiver. This water must be drained out of the tank so you do not get corrosion or rust from it not being drained. This auto drain will ensure that the condensation is removed daily so the corrosion does not cause tank failure. Many companies are depending on their workers to do this function daily and it does not get done which is causing lots of moisture in your air lines and causing tank damage.



            Top quality pressure switch with adjustable screw to adjust your pressure higher or lower. Our check valves are all brass with a Teflon seat. This makes low tank noise when the compressor is running because Teflon is much quieter when opening and closing during the compression stage. All brass ASME code safety valve is used for your safety. Our valves are preset and sealed for correct settings. If your compressor would not turn off, our safety valves will open and keep from building too high pressure and potentially keeping the tank from rupturing. Top quality plumbing fittings are used to maintain proper sealing when connected to the tank. High quality all brass ball valve is used for turning air on and off from the air receiver. Tank water drain pipe plumbed out the front of the unit with a ¼” ball valve handle for easy tank draining without the hassle of draining the tank with a petcock under the tank. Loadless starting is built onto this unit. This unloads the pump so the pump will not start under direct head pressure. Without this feature, this will cause motor damage under starting cycle.


            Under heavy workloads such as sandblasting, your compressor can cycle on and off many times per hour. This cycling is causing the magnetic contacts more wear because they are arching as they start and stop. A single phase motor also is arching because it has start and run windings built inside. When the motor is starting, it is on the start windings. The capacitors shoot 580V of power to the motor windings to start. As the motor gets to full RPM, there is a centrifugal switch that switches it from start to run windings. Every time this is done, your contacts are arching from start to run procedure. That is why the continuous run is good because under workloads over 50% duty cycle, it eliminates this arching and wear and tear on your magnetic contactor. The other reason is because under applications such as poly foam insulation trucks, their generator cannot handle the starting and stopping loads, so the continuous run is a better way to go under this type of application. Then when you are back into normal workloads in your shop, you can turn off the continuous run and the unit will go to automatic start/stop feature. It will just start and stop like a normal compressor.


            This unit has a prewired magnetic starter. This starter is necessary for any motor over 15 amps. All units that are a TRUE 5 HP pull approximately 23 amps on 220V, single phase power. This greater amp load puts more load on the contacts so the pressure switch will not handle this greater load, so a prewired magnetic starter is required. This gives you long life on your controls because they are not overloaded and gives you trouble-free operation.


            Our pulleys are 3-groove and not 1-groove. You will see many compressors only using 1 belt to drive the pump. This unit uses 3-groove, B-Style belts. This ensures long belt life and low vibration and makes a quieter unit because the belts do not have to be so tight to drive the pump. The tighter the belts, the more load on the compressor pump bearings and the motor bearings and decreases the life. Our pulleys are taper lock design. This is much better than a fixed bore with a set screw. A taper lock will lock the pulley in position to the motor shaft allowing it not to loosen or move on the shaft. Our belts are also top quality and will last many thousands of hours of running.


            This alternator switch will allow the unit to alternate from one pump to another. The unit will pump up to set pressure. Then under the next start-up sequence, the opposing pump will start. This eliminates excessive running and allows the pumps to cool out under heavy workloads. This unit also has a feature that if one pump will not maintain set pressure and is not keeping up with your demand, then both units will come on and run until the unit comes up to set maintained pressure, then the units will alternate when you get back into normal load demands.

Compressor Information
Compressor Stages Two Stage
Compressor Style Piston Electric
Style Horizontal
Motor Information
Horse Power 10
Phase 1
Voltage 208/230
Product Attributes
CFM 76 CFM @ 100 PSI / 68 CFM @ 175 PSI

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Dual 10HP V-4 Single Phase 240 Gallon Horizontal

  • Product Code: PP10D240V1
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  • Retail Price: $8,550.00
  • Factory Direct Price: $6,840.00
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