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Polar Compressor is dedicated to manufacturing only the highest quality Air Solutions at a fair market price. Our Award winning Technical Service, installation support, and field service are what separate us from the competition and we stand behind our products with the longest warranty coverage in the industry.

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Author : Customer Purchased 30hp Varible Speed Rotary
Screw Package - April 2014

Author : Leonard McCreary, Figure Engineering, LLC

We received our compressor yesterday and it looks top-notch!  It’s replacing an Ingersoll - which was infuriating - and I’m thrilled with how much neater and more accessible everything looks on this unit.  The build quality and design for serviceability are stellar!  Thank you for turning out a product with such attention to detail and regard for the end users!  I look forward to doing more business with you as we grow!

Wow, even the manuals are above-and-beyond!  Thanks again!

Author : Mike Lowe

I bought one of your compressors pumps a little over a year ago and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. I am a farmer and use my compressor daily. When I first installed the compressor pump, I would often check to see if it was working or not because it was so quite (You can talk on a phone next to it and hear what is being said). It is a good value for the dollar and has never failed to keep me well supplied with all the air I need.

It is not often I remark upon a product I buy, but this pump has exceeded my expectations by a wide margin. I would, and have, recommended you company to anyone who needed a compressor.

Author : Rusty

I have to say that I am very impressed after reading the reviews on your site that you guys are definitely focused on customer satisfaction and service even after the sell. That in its self has made my mind up to order my compressor and motor from NO ONE else but, Eaton Compressors. Keep up the great service you make possible for your customers daily. Way to go.

P.S.- A BIG ATTA BOY to all the staff at EATON COMPRESSORS. I wished other USA Company's could get on board. Please pass this e-mail out to all your employee's.

Author: Kevin M. Padden, Owner, AZ School of Rock

As an Independent Consultant to the Natural Stone Industry, and as Owner of AZ School of Rock – virtually ALL of my clients and my students are looking for value, service and quality in their search for their compressed air systems for their own operations. They depend on me to guide them to responsible, honest and trustworthy people that they can depend on - to not only provide them with quality product and dependable service, but have fair prices too.

Eaton Compressor is one of those few companies that “gets it” – you all UNDERSTAND what people need, you provide top quality equipment at a very fair and attractive price, and your service AFTER the sale is impeccable. In a business environment that is ever increasing in the use of personal references and word of mouth advertising – my ability to recommend Eaton Compressors as THE source for compressed air systems is crucial. In short - Eaton Compressors has never let me down!

I have been a customer of Eaton Compressors, and since that first experience – I have been a believer in your company. Again – It’s always a PLEASURE to recommend Eaton Compressors to anyone in need of great product, great service and great prices!

Matt, please convey my personal congratulations to your entire staff on a job well done!

Author: Customer for life, Dennis Jones

Just wanted to send a message indicating my satisfaction with your customer support. My compressor had an electrical failure. Steve knew exactly what was wrong with the air compressor and how to diagnose the fix without turning it into a major production. Once I found the fault (with Steve’s guidance) and called back, Steve had already done the customer information search and immediately sent the part under warranty without question. I was back up and running in just two days (both where for shipping). The compressor has proven to be a great product. Now customer service has also proven to be a great product. Keep up the good work. If it has to do with a compressor I will only buy your products.

Author: Vance Traylor:

Hi Guys..... thought i would check back with you about my purchase last year. I could not be more pleased with your compressor. having owned and operated a production cabinet shop for 30 years i will admit that finding an adequate compressor is one the biggest challenges, especially if your building does not have access to 3 phase power. Even my 3 man shop, while large enough @ 3800 SQ.ft was very limited by only having single phase power. Fortunately, many of the tool companies have wised up to this dilemma and started building tools which will operate on single phase compressor was 5hp and were only available in 3 phase. Even so, for the longest time, the biggest effective single phase compressor was a 5hp and not truly continuous duty unit. I obtained an old monster devilbiss ( built in the last 60's) which was a continuous duty, 7 1/2 hp 3 phase with cast iron after- coolers on a 120 g. tank. I cranked the top-in pressure down to 150 psi and changed all the sheaves to slow the unit way down and mounted a 5hp baldor 1725 oil field motor single phase. It worked...and i used it for 25 years. I believe the machine would have lasted forever, but, it had been abused before i obtained it, and it started knocking and letting oil past the rings. i did not want to start a parts treasure hunt and could not afford the down-time so i bought an ingersol from a local Air Company. Adequate enough, but not in the same league with your machine. Your Eaton looks and preforms like my old devilbiss, but even better. it is amazingly quite for it's size, powers up quickly, does not cause the horrific power spike like my ingersol, and best of all, the tank drain works amazingly well. I always mount moisture traps all over the shop not jsut at the tank because i lacquer all of the cabinets and i need my air supply to be free of moisture and oil. Therefore, i have to go to extra measures to keep my air clean. after installing your unit and operating it for a couple of weeks i was amazed at how little moisture want through the lines. i mounted your machine on 4" locking casters as an experiment.... it doesn't budge and i don't have to lock them. Bottom line, you guys have the right idea. You've thought of everything and covered all the bases. I appreciate you product.