Warranty Comparison

Not all warranties are the same

Not all warranties are the same and it takes diligence to find out what they really cover and how to read between the lines. We have done some of the research for you and put a comparison together.

10 Year Extended Warranty’s?

Many manufactures say they carry a 10 year warranty, what they don’t tell you is that you that those are extended warranty’s. How do you get these extended warranties?? Well you pay for it, adding to an already expensive investment. They also are only offering this warranty on their premium models.   Polar air gives a 10 year warranty on their ALL rotary screw air ends! That is the heartbeat of your compressor and to have a 10 year assurance that it will run is so valuable! Some companies offer different warranty’s with different coverage, which can be very confusing, but Polar Air gives this 10 year warranty on every model we carry.  Our warranty does not require the purchase of a startup or service package, it just requires you to purchase the maintenance parts from us and maintenance your compressor every 4000 Hrs. This saves you expense by giving you the option to use your own in house maintenance crew. We don’t want to force you to be a part of our family we would like you to want to be a part of it!  We also will ask that you participate in our oil/maintenance program which requires you to send in oil samples every six months for free oil analysis. We do staff our own technicians!