The Benefits of Buying Factory Direct from the Manufacturer

Why Buy Factory Direct from The Manufacturer?

When buying Rotary Screw Air Compressors on the internet, you will see the words FACTORY DIRECT bandied about.  FACTORY DIRECT is a term that is used very loosely, and can be misleading to the consumer.  Most claim "Factory Direct" and are only middlemen selling the product that is shipped from a factory.  This is deceptive and not REAL factory direct.

Polar Air by Eaton Compressor builds and sells custom built air compressor products directly from our factory in Dayton, Ohio USA.  This has been a Cain family way of selling our products for three generations and the business model since 1977.  Buying direct from our factory can save the consumer 30-60% on the final unit cost.  This is a huge money saving benefit when your budget is the bottom line.

Other Benefits of buying Real Factory Direct

  1. Save up to 500% on parts from other compressor major brands.  Yes, this is not a typo, the billion dollar compressor companies sell parts at 500% higher rate than our company in many cases.  Our quality is the same and we feature name-brand components such as Gardner Denver pumps, Schneider VSD drives, switch-gear, and so on.

  2. If you do your due diligence when shopping, ask the following questions:
    • A. How much is a replacement pump?
    • B. How much is a replacement motor?
    • C. How much is a replacement cooling oil/air radiator & cooling fan?
    • D. How much is your PLC?

    By doing this you can compare brand to brand to see who is being fair and who is price gouging...before buying! Many companies we talk to scrap their old compressors when they see how high the cost of replacement parts are. If you ask question A,B,C,& D, you can judge which company is being fair for yourself.

  3. Buying Factory Direct from Polar Air by Eaton Compressor removes the confusing of brand saturation. Many companies sell brand X this year, but perhaps not in 5 years from now. Our good name is on the line and Polar Air by Eaton Compressor backs our warranty and products ourselves for as long as you own the product.

  4. Service - Our products are working in all 50 states and we stock over 1 million in service parts. We also service 10 states directly from our factory in Ohio. We have 3 service trucks ready and waiting if you have a problem and need service. No waiting for the dealer to get an approval to fix your compressor from the factory they represent. Our goal is to get your up and running as quickly as possible.

  5. No one knows their product better than the factory building it. We have knowledgeable technicians ready and waiting to answer your phone call if you have questions or issues and need help. This free phone tech service is for a lifetime and can save unneeded service calls and money!

  6. Our factory direct warranty for our rotary screw compressors is the best on the market. This 10 year warranty is real, with no tricks or gimmicks. Many compressor companies that offer a 10 year warranty, require an expensive service contract. This mandated service contract also requires the manufacturers service techs to come in your facility for servicing the compressor. With our 10 year warranty, we DO NOT require an expensive service contract to maintain the warranty. You can do the service yourself, or use whomever you choose. Buying our service kits annually (oil, oil filter, air filter & air oil separator filter) extends our warranty for the full 10 years.

  7. 10 years on the screw pump with new replacement
    • 10 years on the electric motor with new replacement 3 phase models
    • 5 years on the cooling radiator with new replacement
    • 5 years on cooling fan with new replacement
    • 5 years on the air/oil separator tank with new replacement
    • 5 years on the PLC controller with new replacement

The benefits of buying factory direct from Polar Air by Eaton Compressor can not only save you big, but you're dealing with an honest, USA small business that puts our name on the line with every compressor we build. Call our factory showroom at 877.283.7614 and speed with owner Matt Cain. He can guide you through choosing a compressor that is right for your needs.

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