Variable Speed Drive - Energy Savings Information


Save that energy!!

3 Benefits of Variable Speed Drive by Schneider:

1.  Starting Peak Demand SavingsA standard speed unit can be up to 7xs greater to start up whereas with a variable speed that isn’t the case.  Variable speed gradually increases motor speed ramping the startup RPM slowly. Companies that are not on Peak Demand Meter suffer immensely on their Demand electric bill charges.

2.       Running Demand Savings. Polar Air by Eaton Compressor has a quick and easy adjustable pressure setting in the PLC controller. The pressure ranges from 70 PSI to 145 PSI. Our factory setting falls in the 120 to 145 PSI range. The motor will run the pump at full speed after start-up to low-pressure PLC setting of 125 PSI. Once 125 PSI is achieved then, as each PSI increase from 125 PSI to 145 PSI, the motor will reduce its speed. After full PSI is reached then the electric motor will enter a full idle mode. Our units have a cfm turn down of 80% full cfm. This system works off your air demand saving energy in a big way.

3.  Wear and Tear Savings. Variable speed compressors save wear and tear on the pump and motor bearings. The constant reduction in the motor speeds reduces the friction on the bearing loads which will increase the motor and rotary screw pump life cycle.