Polar Air Difference

The Polar Air Difference

Polar Air by Eaton Compressor has defined three goals intended to make us the most successful air compressor manufacturer in the industry: Premium quality products, Best warranty, and highest customer satisfaction!

 We know that there is only one way to reach our goals, by doing things right! We use only the best Brand name components to manufacture our products. Our 7.5hp air compressor Rotary screws have the newest and greatest technology in the compressor industry. The Polar Air by Eaton Compressor 3rd Generation rotary screw units have top shelf brand name components with NO china parts! These Top brand suppliers have been in business for many years and provide only the best quality and energy efficiency, parts/service will give the best all around support for our customers.Our, best in the compressor industry warranty reflects our units quality with no tricks or deception. We offer NO generic parts. These top brand parts suppliers come at a higher cost to our company 30% more than the cheaper generic brands. We would rather use the best brand parts and pay a little more upfront, then have a dissatisfied customer down the road with parts availability and quality. Our shopping customers ask how do you compare against brand X....? we think we are better in a lot of ways.

Our screw pumps, electric motors, magnetic contactors, and filters are none proprietary to our brand. This gives the customer a fair option. Proprietary parts is another way to rip off the customer. We have seen PLC's cost $3,000 on a $5,000 compressor. This same comparable PLC through our company is $750. We have seen motors from other big brands made proprietary to their design purposely costing 500% more than our motor. We have seen magnetic contactor's from our competitors with special part numbers costing 500% more. We have seen the screw compressor pumps from the competitor that are proprietary to their design costing 500% more.

Save yourself from being ripped off when quoting your next compressor, be sure to get a quote from them on the compressor and main replacement parts and compare. Ask the replacement cost for the screw, electric motor, filters, cooling radiator, and fan. We encourage you to compare so Let us share with you why we are the best!