Rotary Screw Air Compresssors: Features and Benefits

Our Polar Air By Eaton Compressor Rotary Units are made with top quality materials.  

Features and Benefits

No China Parts or Labor.

Polar Air by Eaton Compressor uses NO China parts on our 3rd Generation rotary screw compressor units.  Our major brand parts suppliers are:

Gardner Denver, US Electric Motor, Schneider, Mann and VMC.

All rotary screw companies use component suppliers to build a complete rotary screw unit.  Our Major brand parts suppliers that we use, fight to remain at the top spots in providing maximum Energy efficiency, consistent quality control and readily available parts.   A large part of our unit components is off the shelf.  This makes for less expensive parts replacements and are non-proprietary, proprietary parts can be very expensive and hard to find.

Finish Built and Tested in the USA.

Our USA factory assembly line custom builds each compressor to the customer’s order and specifications.  Each compressor is extensively tested in our USA factory and gives peace of mind to our customers buying them.

100% Duty Cycle Ultra Quiet Design.

We guarantee 100% duty cycle up to 24/7 operation of the compressor.   Our well thought out complete unit designs yield the highest in performance and provide trouble free operation.

Certification, UL/CSA listed and ASME/CRN Tank Certified

Certification comes at a cost and can cause a big problem to the owner of the compressor if certification is not met.  A local inspector can pull the compressor out of service or with new construction not let it be put into service.  Therefore, we spend the extra to meet US and Canadian certifications laws and rules.

Our compressor are UL and CSA listed.

Our units meet ASME and CRN certification guidelines.

Legendary Precision GD Twin Rotary Screw Oil Flooded Pump. Energy Saver

Legendary Tamrotor by Gardner Denver pumps provide 24/7 operation with over a century and a half of product know how, product quality, and reliability.

Legendary US Motor Corp:  Nema Standard, TEFC, 12 lead Premium Efficiency Electric and Aegis grounding ring with insulated front and rear bearings. Energy Saver

Low RPM of 1750 rpm provides high cold weather starting torque (not 3450 rpm) design.  Motors with 3450 rpm have only half the starting torque that of a 1750 rpm electric motor design. A 3450-rpm motor can also produce lots of harmonic distortion noise and vibration. Lower motor rpm is also easy on main motor bearings for longevity and quieter unit running operation.  Nema Standard C Face is an off the shelf motor design (non-proprietary).  A TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) dust and waterproof + wash down capability.  Premium Efficiency inverter duty VSD/VFD friendly.   Ribbed cast iron frame allows maximum cooling capability. US Motors cool better than any other design with this feature. That is because of cooling fin surface area and High flow rear mounted cooling fan.  Our units 25 hp and larger include Aegis grounding ring and insulated front a rear ball bearings.  Compressors equipped VSD/VFD control can produce an internal motor current.  This internal current from the VSD/VFD can find its way to ground through the electric motor bearings and cause them to fail because of pitting from current transfer. This current is stopped because of the motor armature being grounded. We warranty our motors for a period of 10 years so grounding our motor armature with the Aegis grounding prevents bearing failure.  We give extra protection with insulated ball bearings on the front a rear of the motor.  Any current produced from a VSD/VFD is eliminated.

Legendary Schneider Y/Delta Soft-Starting Magnetic Starter Switches.

12 Lead Energy Saver

Saves up to 1/3rd in peak starting demand. Schneider Y/Delta allows the electric motor to start in timed phases through the PLC. Schneider is an off the self-magnetic starter and non-proprietary. .

Included in VFD Drives only:

VSD/VFD Energy Saving Variable Speed Drive

1/5th of most shops electric bill is consumed by the air compressor.  With variable speed drive, it can save up to 40% in an energy reduction.  Allows the compressor to work off air demand regulating the speed of the drive motor.  This is simple cruise control for your compressor and

saves energy.

Direct Gear Drive: no belts

Trouble free, no hassle of belts changing belts. Saves 1 to 2% in energy and provides maximum power transfer from the electric drive motor to the rotary screw compressor pump.

Smart Technology Programmable Controller Saves Energy

Simplifies Compressor Functions

12 Volt Power Supply

Low voltage power supply input AC not DC

Y/Delta Soft Starting Timer

Adjustable timed setting allows a perfect setup for timed starting of the compressor soft start feature. Saving up to 1/3 starting peak demand of the compressor.

Optional Variable Speed Regulation Control with Main Screen on Time HZ Monitor

Has a 4 to 20 milliamp reference signal to control and to regulate the speed of the electric motor through the Variable speed drive to save energy. Also has an easy to read front HZ monitor to easy see the exact running HZ of the compressor.

Automatic Start/Stop Control Timer

After the compressor goes into an unloaded state while running, this easy to adjust PLC timer can be set from 3 min to 10 min, wherever you choose to set it.  This feature allows the compressor to turn off and on as needed. When the compressor is not needed, it will turn off saving energy. This feature can also be disabled so the compressor runs all the time and doesn’t turn on and off.

Weekly/Daily Programmable Start/Stop Feature Timer with Built in Calendar

This PLC has an on time working time clock inside. This feature allows the user to program a daily/weekly start and stops of the compressor, up to 3 per day and every day of the week..  No more having to start/stop the compressor manually.  You can program to your companies working hour schedule. No more wasted energy if the compressor wasn’t turn off after work.  This feature can also be disabled allowing the compressor to be manually started and stopped.

Hour Meter

This built-in hour meter allows the user to see the total running hours of the compressor.

Maintenance Parameter Timer

This feature tells you when to service the compressor, oil, filters, and general maintenance of the compressor.  If you forget to service the compressor, it will remind you on the main screen of the PLC.  It also allows you to easily see the preset service hours per item’ and countdown service hours daily per logged item.

Percentage % of Load/Unload Control

This feature keeps track of the loaded pumping hours and the unloaded not pumping hours of the compressor.  This allows you to easy calculated the real % of load on the compressor each day in use.

Remote Start/Stop Control

This feature allows the compressor to be remotely started and stopped through a remote on/off switch. This is nice when the compressor is mounted at a hard to reach place in the workplace.

Main Screen Easy to read and Program Lead/Lag Pressure Control

This feature allows the user to program load/unload pressures from as low as 70 psi “low side” up to 145 psi “high side” or anywhere in between. Special order up to 175 max psi.  Makes lead or lag control easy in a multiple compressor setups.

Master/Slave Control

Master/Slave control allows the units to be easily wired together and programed to master slave control. This controls each unit so they alternate allowing the same number of running hours per machine.

High Oil/Air Temp Safety Shutdown

This feature helps to save the air/end or pump from damage if running hot.


Low Oil Shutdown

This allows a warning to protect the compressor if it runs low in oil.  The oil in the compressor also helps to cool the compressor.  If the oil level runs low it will cause the compressor to shut down from high oil temp. Can save thousands in damages.

High Air Pressure Safety Shutdown

If the compressor would malfunction this feature is a safety so it doesn’t overpressure and cause an internal rupture.

High Voltage and Low Voltage Safety Shutdown

This feature saves the compressor from damage, because of high or low voltage power supply.  This feature can easily be enabled or disabled by the user.

Dry Contactor Fault Alarm + Ringer Control

In some installations, the user may want to install a dry contactor to a buzzer or an bell alarm.  This feature would energize a contactor set off a buzzer or bell alarm warning of the compressor shutdown.

Adjustable Cooling Fan Temp Control Timer

This feature allows the user to adjust the fan starting and fan stopping temperature.  I cases were high humidity is present.  This allows the user to easily set cooling fan temperature higher to eliminate water condensation in oil reservoir.

Fault History Control

If the compressor would shut down from a fault.  The fault history in the computer would tell the exact problem and the exact date and time of the shutdown.    Making it quick and easy to troubleshoot any problem.

Reverse Rotation Safety Shutdown

This protects the compressor from running the wrong rotation.  If a rotary screw would run the wrong rotation it would cause internal pump damage.  This eliminates that problem.

Adjustable 1 or 3 Phase Operation

This PLC has adjustable internal settings for 1 or 3 phase applications.

Legendary VMC Inlet Online/Offline Energy Saver

VMC produces 80% of Inlet Valves for most all Major Compressor Manufacturers of Rotary Compressors today.  VMC has a rich 60-year history, VMC are off the self and non-priory to our compressors designs. Energy Efficient, which chokes off the compressor intake air, to reduce startup amps, under the starting of the compressor which saves huge on energy costs.  VMC valves have precision mechanics and air solenoid valves for longevity under Extreme working conditions. VMC also has consistent and efficient port designs to increase compressor pump airflow to yield higher cfm to kw ratios.  

All Steel Insulated Sound Reduction Enclosure

Polar Air by Eaton Compressor units are equipped with a sound reduction enclosure.  This enclosure has more space internally allowing for easy servicing of the compressor. Competing very compact designs have much less internal space and are harder to service. Polar Air by Eaton Compressor units have easy to remove cabinet doors with (no Hinges) on rear and side doors for convenience of servicing the compressor.  Polar Air by Eaton Compressor cabinets have thick dense insulation inside to insulate the cabinet from internal compressor noise. Quiet design. Optional cabinet filters, which filter the incoming workshop air from dirt and debris.  This will increase the compressor pump life and reduce maintenance time cleaning the internal compressor cabinet.

Large Split Bar Air/Oil After Cooler Radiator with Cycling Cooling Fan.

This radiator serves 2 functions. The first section of the radiator serves as the compressor pump oil cooler. This allows the compressor to operate at 100% duty cycle because of the high output cooling capacity of the radiator. The second section of the radiator serves as the air cooled after cooler. This maintains an air outlet compressed air temperature of 10-degree approach from ambient air temperature. This Aluminum cooler air outlet makes it easier on units equipped with an optional refrigerated air dryer. Cooler inlet air to the dryer makes a more efficient air dryer system. High flow Rosenberg cycling cooling fan. Rosenberg fans are totally enclosed dust and waterproof. Rosenberg fans are low rpm and quieter give quieter operation.