Engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. The whisper series compressors reduce stationary compressor DBA ratings by as much as 25%!  A noise suppression device was first conceived by Polar Air engineers after feedback from competitor compressor users revealed a large number of complaints regarding the extreme noise level of their compressors in a work environment.   Stationary air compressor noise levels typically require owners to incur the added expense of a building or structure to house the compressor in an attempt to reduce noise in the work environment.   The Whisper can be installed and operated in all Garage, Farm Shop, and Industrial applications which eliminate the need for traditionally expensive and often inadequate separate buildings or structures to house the air compressor.  The Whisper silent air systems are already installed on the back of the tank with brackets that are fabricated for easy removal and low profile.

The Whisper dissipates compressor intake noise by channeling the intake air through a series of baffle plates and pre-filter media within the silencer cabinet.  As a result, the piston intake noise is trapped and dissipated within the silencer structure. As a result, the piston intake noise is trapped and dissipated within the silencer structure. It also acts as a secondary filtration for cleaner air.

This unit can be used for heavy industrial applications such as body shops, machine shops, poly foam insulation rigs, sandblasting shops, car washes, wood working shops, dry cleaners &many other uses.

We guarantee our unit to be the best quality on the market. That is why we offer a 5-Year Parts Warranty. Our product is the best or we could not offer this warranty. We have been manufacturing units since 1977 and have approximately 90,000 units on the market and offer complete parts, sales, and service.


Compressor Information
CFM 31 CFM @ 100 PSI / 26 @ 175 PSI
Compressor Stages Two Stage
Compressor Style PISTON ELECTRIC
Crated Dimensions: Depth x Width x Height (in inches) 48 D X 45 3/4 W X 83 H
Factory Settings 145 PSI Shut off Max Pressure - Turn on Pressure 100 PSI
Max Working PSI 175
Pump Material Solid Cast Iron
Pump model number APP4V1043T
Pump RPM 640
Dimension: Length x Depth x Height (in inches) 38 1/8 D X 42 W X 71.5 H
Product Weight (Lbs) 743
Motor Information
Running HP 7.5
Horse Power 7.5
Phase 1
Motor RPM 1750
Running AMP 35/34.5 AMP @ 208/230 VOLT
Voltage 208/230 VOLT AC
Start Up AMP 64 AMP @ 208/230
Recommended Breaker 50 AMP
Tank Information
Size 80 GALLON
Outlet Size NPT 3/4"
Drain Type Automatic
Additional Information
Certification UL, CSA, ASME
Noise DB (A) Up To 25% DBA Reduction
Clint 27/04/2017

You would not believe the attention this air compressor has been generating. I have had people in the neighborhood as well as from where I work come by to see it; all of which have been amazed. Many of the people that have heard about it but have not been able to come by and see ask to see pictures. It has been more of a conversational piece than some of my cars...

Ryan Dugan 27/02/2017

I still can't believe how quiet this compressor is!!!! The recovery time is so fast! And Megan Cain was fantastic! Got it to us FAST! Thank you so much

P.DiGinto 02/01/2017

We looked long for an american made/assembled compressor. I have to say this met our expectation times 10. The quality is hands down perfect. This is the quietest compressor i have ever heard with the silent air feature. It got to 175psi in less than 2 minutes. We can literally stand next to this thing and have a normal conversation. Wish i would have bought it sooner. We ordered around the holidays and it was here in 3 weeks. Cant say enough good things about polar air. Thankyou

Mike 08/03/2016

“After exhaustive internet search I chose Polar Air. Complete pleasure to deal with Matt and his team at Polar Air, from the web site, to questions on the phone, to taking the order to shipping to delivery to electrical questions during installation. Since I am not an electrician, but had to hire an electrician and they responded right away to his questions while he was on site. They were on time, a great price and a quality product. The combination of low RPM and the Whisper intake sound muffling unit work even better than I expected. This baby is QUIET! HAPPY that Matt is serving so many American families by having his employees manufacture the Tank, and assembling the motor and pump right here in the USA.” Factory direct is truly the way to go. Thanks Matt for cutting out the middle man and being available directly to the consumer. You saved me a lot of money for such a quality product

Peter Campbell 29/02/2016

Great compressor, wish I had pulled the trigger earlier. Quiet, and relatively vibe-free. Bolted down with backed off anchors and rubber pads. I added an aftercooler ( BGA-100) with an auto drain. Clean dry air in the tank and the system. Only had to fix an auto drain thread leak. You get 80% of a quincy, for 30% of the price, and 1 tenth the noise of an IR. Very happy here- runs anything I have and still cycles.

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Industrial Plus 7.5HP Single Phase 80 Gallon Vertical Silent Air System

  • Product Code: PS07V080V1
  • Availability: Built to order
  • Retail Price: $3,831.00
  • Factory Direct Price: $2,299.00
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