Customer review 09/08/2015

These guys are of high Character. They do what they say and fulfill what you buy

Matt Cain President/ CEO 08/27/2015

Eaton Compressor Since 1977....Our air pumps are a great replacement for any failed compressor that needs a new pump. Our quality is only the best, each pump carries a 5 year warranty on all parts and is not a pro rated warranty. Our Pumps are the best choice, because of the high quality we manufacture and are a proven design. Our motto is... Go big or Go home! That is why our BIG Eaton pump is one of the lowest RPM Compressors built on the market today. Low RPM is quieter, generates less heat and increases pump life. We offer all cast iron construction (not aluminum). Real Cast Iron connecting rods, Real Cast Iron cylinder heads, Real Cast iron crankshaft, Real Cast Iron Flywheel, Real Cast Iron inner and after coolers. The Eaton pumps are precision CNC machined and are balanced for smooth operation. If you are looking to save money and get the best quality Eaton Factory direct pumps are your best choice. We carry a full line of parts, and have the best service!