Bushell Transport Company 09/30/2015

I can say that we are not having any issues with the compressor. It has been very reliable and dependable since we have purchased it. It's able to keep up with the demands of a 7 bay heavy truck facility equipped with a fluid delivery system that requires air to operate as well as a rather large variety of air tools/equipment. As well as a large wash bay requiring the use of air to deliver product to the bays.

Blane 09/23/2015

Thanks for the great comp, it took me awhile to post this message because i wanted to put the comp. through a good workout before i responded. i have used the comp. to run impacts, sanders, small sandblasters, air chisels and a number of other everyday jobs. This is the finest air comp. i have ever owned.


Air Cooled Engines Plus 09/22/2015

These guys are the best!! This is one fantastic compressor. This service just blew away some of my friends. You will be selling more compressors!!! Thanks so much for you help and fast response! If you are considering a new compressor, buy one of these! you will be happy even after the sale!!!
Thanks Steve!
Air Cooled Engines Plus

Customer review 09/08/2015

owner worked hard to resolve all issues. very grateful

Customer review 09/08/2015

Works just fine! A Great product by an excellent company!!!