Introducing our 300 HP Direct Drive Variable Speed / Variable Frequency  Rotary Screw Air Compressor!

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**Stand Alone units do not include remote tank – Remote tank is required for use

User-Friendly Features Save Time And Money

1. Larger Cabinet Size.
Compact cabinets can be a nightmare to service, our larger cabinet will allow for easier maintenance.  

2. Direct Gear Drive. 
Trouble-Free:  Lessens the load on pump and motor drive bearings with no belt maintenance making it worry free.  

3. Removable Doors 
With doors that can be easily removed, making servicing your compressor is quick and easy.  

4. Built-In Cabinet Rubber Isolator Pads
No need to buy extra rubber pads, this is a quick install.  

5. Spin-On/Spin-Off filters Mann brand; Oil Filter/Air Oil Separator Filters
These Mann Brand filters save 100% service time over in tank separator filter designs.

6. Name Brand MANN Filters 
Easily found off the shelf, non-proprietary.  

7. US Electric Motor Corp TEFC
Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled is not only dust and waterproof, but also saves time in cleaning; simply blow it off with an air hose.   

8. Clean Inner Cabinet Design
Fewer wires and less plumbing in a simple design makes service easily accessible.   

9. Top Mount Exhaust Cooling Fan 
Enables quick and easy service, and installation of exhaust ducting.   

10.  Programable Logistic Controller. PLC

A. Maintenance Alarms - Extends life of compressor by reminding you when and what needs to be serviced in the unit.
B. Fault History Alarm. - Allows quick troubleshooting with notification (date/time) of unit shutdown fault that may occur.   
C. Daily Automatic Start/Stop Feature - No more needless running of the compressor with our Monday through Sunday, daily/weekly starting and stopping capabilities.    

11.  Mounted Electrical Cabinet.

A. The electrical cabinet is mounted in the front making the electrical components easily reached for installation and service. 
B. Control circuit protection breakers make it effortless to find, quick to test, and no expensive fuses.   
C. Multi-tap control transformer enables even control of voltage to all electrical components.  

12. Built-in Magnetic Contactors and Internal Check Valve 

13.   Includes Aegis Grounding Ring & SKF Insulated Front & Rear Motor Bearings
Saves Wear and Tear Bearings and Extends Bearing Life

Plug and play quick install run an airline to your tank and connect to power.

The Benefits of Buying Factory Direct from the Manufacturer - Click to Read

We have hands down the best warranty in the Industry!

Compressor Information
Compressor Style Rotary Screw Air Compressor: Stand Alone Cabinet
Oil Type 8000-hour Synthetic Oil - Factory Filled / Mann Oil Filter - User-Friendly Spin-on / Mann Air/Oil Separator - User-friendly Spin-on / Mann Air Filter
Drive Type Gear Driven Direct Drive - No Belts
Air End Model Tamrotor/Gardner Denver
Variable Speed Drive Model Schneider Altivar 71
Motor Information
Motor Type US Motor Corp - C-Flange - Cast-Iron Deep Finned - Premium Efficiency - NEMA Standard - 12 Lead Y-Delta/VFD Compatible - TEFC - Aegis Grounding Ring - Insulated Ball Bearings - No China
Horse Power 300
Phase 3
Motor RPM 1750 High Starting Torque
Voltage Available in Voltages - 208/230/380/460/575
Additional Information
Certification Meets UL/CSA - ASME/CRN

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300 HP Gear Driven Direct Drive VSD Rotary Screw Air Compressor

  • Product Code: PRV3000003
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Retail Price: $126,900.00
  • Factory Direct Price: $119,933.00
  • Price Does Not Include Shipping & Handling

  • "For 575 or 380 volt call for quote"

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