• 13HP 30 Gallon Gas Drive Air Compressor - Electric Start

This is an Eaton Compressor FACTORY-DIRECT, CUSTOM-BUILT & FABRICATED AIR COMPRESSOR. We have 30 Years experience in building quality air compressors. This Unit has a 5-year parts warranty except on the Honda Engine. The Engine carries a 3-year warranty from Honda Only.  This warranty is NOT a limited warranty or pro-rated warranty. There are companies offering from a 1 year to a 5-year warranty.  Make sure when you buy that you are buying a FULL warranty, not a pro-rated warranty.  Just remember, a pro-rated warranty means the older it gets in the warranty period, the more risk the customer has.  The percentage is higher that you pay out of your pocket.  The advantage of buying from our company is that we know air compressors; we have a full line of replacement parts and service available with just a phone call as well.
• RAISED MOUNTING PLATFORM is welded to the tank under the compressor pump
-these ensures maximum crankcase oil cooling and longer pump life
• RIGID MOUNTING PLATFORM is welded to the tank under the motor - this ensures far less vibration on your tank and VERY smooth unit operation
• 1/4 inch BALL VALVE DRAIN plumbed out front of air tank for easy access
• Built-In Cooler Line for Maximum Cooling
• Solid Cast Iron Crankcase with oil sight glass– NOT Aluminum
• Steel Crankshaft with Ball Bearing for Solid Pump Support
• Cast Iron Cylinders – NOT Aluminum with Sleeve
• ALL Steel Rebuildable Connecting Rods with Replaceable bearings – NOT aluminum
• Disk Valves – NOT Cheap Reed Valves -  for easy maintenance & long durability
• 100% 13-Gauge Steel Belt Guard
• All ASME Safety Valves on Receiver Tank
• Tank Drain Pipe with Ball Valve for easy & fast tank draining

Low RPM benefits are:
  Smooth running
  Longer pump life (extended 5-year pump warranty)
  Less heat
  Much more dependability
 Some of the competition's RPM are almost 1/2 or double the RPM of our pump because they are much smaller and have to run fast to produce the air. This pump has 1-piece connecting rod (all STEEL…not aluminum) with a re-buildable rod-to-crank bearing insert. This pump has valves intake and exhaust that are concentric ring valves or disk valves. These valves can be taken out of the head without touching a head gasket.  They are sealed by an O-ring.  Very nice for easy and quick maintenance.  It does not have reed valve system - disk valve is a much better valve design. Disk valves have been in quality compressors for over 100 years. This pump has intercooler and after cooler lines. The intercooler cools the air between stages and the aftercooler cools the air after it comes out of the 2nd stage. We mount this pump with a raised mounting platform under the compressor. This allows more airflow under the compressor crankcase and cools the crankcase oil. This pump has an oil site glass this makes it easy to see your oil level for proper maintenance, automotive-type air filter (not special filter), 2-belt drive, not 1 belt drive, 2 groove cast-iron motor drive pulley.
  The motor is a 13 HP Honda--SUPER smooth running! Electric start, slant cylinder design for smoother motor operation, muffler has spark arrester and ensures super quiet operation, overhead valve design, hydraulic valve lifters, low oil shutdown, automatic engine decompression release for easy starting, fuel tank reservoir, key switch, and battery charger. This motor also has an electronic ignition no points to fool with. This engine also has an engine idle-down when unit is in free-wheel mode. This motor has very good cold weather starting ability. Motor carries a 3-year warranty from Honda and can be serviced at any of the Honda service centers in your area.
 This unit has a 30-gallon ASME-approved air receiver and a custom-built engine stand under the engine. This braces the platform of the tank and is easy for belt tightening. By using this platform under the engine, this unit is super smooth without hardly any vibration whatsoever. This unit runs as smooth as one of our electric driven units except for a little engine noise. The air receiver has a drain 1/4 inch ball valve coming out of the front of the tank so you have easy access for draining. We use a quality tank gauge and all safety valves and pop-offs are ASME approved. Unit has a 3/4 inch ball valve as an air outlet. Our belt guard is custom built here at our factory. It is heavy duty-13 gauge expanded metal. This allows quiet operation and not a lot of vibration or noisy operation. This unit just needs a 12-volt battery and 2 battery cables, set it in your service truck, and it is ready to go. These units are pretested before they leave our factory. 

We give some of the most competitive shipping rates---but we do not bump up the unit cost and then claim free shipping!   You can also pick the unit up here at our factory to save on freight, taxes may apply. Thanks for taking the time to view our products.


Compressor Information
CFM 24 CFM @ 175 PSI / 26 SCFM @ 100 PSI
Compressor Style Piston Gas powered
Description 13HP 30 Gallon Honda Driven
Factory Settings 145 PSI Shut off Max Pressure - Turn on Pressure 100 PSI
Max Working PSI 175
Pump Material Solid Cast Iron
Pump model number APP3Y0732T
Pump RPM 840
Pump Style Solid Cast Iron Two Stage 3 Cylinder
Dimension: Length x Depth x Height (in inches) 45 3/4”x 22 3/4”x 43”
Product Weight (Lbs) 550
Motor Information
Running HP 13
Horse Power 13-24
Engine Information
Engine Brand Honda GX 390
Engine RPM 3200
Starting System 12-Volt Button Start w/recoil
Fuel Tank 1 Gallon
Tank Information
Size 30 Gallon Horizontal
Outlet Size NPT 3/4"
Drain Type Manual
Additional Information
Certification UL, CSA, ASME
Shipping Weight (LBS) 595
Warranty 5 year Bumper to Bumper- no Pro-rated
lambs meadow trucking llc 07/09/2017

Had your compressor for 5 years now still runs great. Customer service and everyone there were great to deal with, best of all a great product

Rod Sease 08/08/2017

The most friendly people to deal with from office personnel to out area. Also like that it is made and assembled right on site ,high quality product, and would highly recommend Eaton Compressor to anyone looking for an air compressor of any size ,awesome assortment

Kevin Vines 25/07/2016

Hi Tina and Matt and everyone,
I received my new lime green compressor today. It was received by myself and had 0 damages. It is exactly what I expected it to be and the quality that you build is first rate. Thank you for your expert handling of the shipping and thank you and God bless you all for the wonderful price you gave me. I am building a new company and I will be needing more like this one and I know who to call. Have a blessed year and I really appreciate you all. Kevin Vines

Bill Addison 25/11/2015

The compressor is doing just fine and my husband is thrilled with it all the way down to the color!! I will try to get him to give me some info about him using it for a review, but I can tell you this much it has exceeded his expectations and again I say we are very happy with it. We also thought that your guys customer service thru the buying to the pick up was great! Once we get more services trucks added to our fleet we will be purchasing more compressors from you!!

Thanks so much for your great customer support!!

Customer review 08/09/2015

Quality compressor, nice folks

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13HP 30 Gallon Gas Drive Air Compressor - Electric Start

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