Product Disclosure Form

To compare "apples to apples" on where a product is made can be very challenging.  We have attached a Product Disclosure Form that you can print off and take to your air compressor providers to have them complete so you will know where the product and its components are manufactured.  Just because you see the American Flag sticker on the front of the unit does not mean it was actually made in the USA.  There are many factors that you need to be aware of before purchasing a unit.  1.  Where the parts were manufactured? 2.  Warranty? 3.  What are the replacement parts going to cost for the unit you are purchasing?  We have seen 5 HP compressor pumps that are over $1,000.00 for a rebuild kit.  We use international compressor pumps built in one of our own factories.  This is why you see "EATON" in our castings.  One out of every 100 compressors is built in the USA.  We strive to give Americans jobs (the majority of our piston-type unit's components are made here in the USA) but have to also keep PREMIUM quality at a reasonable price with a 5-YEAR BUMPER-TO BUMPER Warranty on all parts - NOT PRO-RATED!!!  Our quality and price is the best on the market.  Our goal is to beat our competition name-brand and non-name brand.  Have your compressor company complete this form and if you have any questions about what they have filled out on the form, you can call me personally.

Starting October 28th, 2008, We are putting an American flag sticker on the items that are made in the USA. For example, our tanks are made in the USA, So we have placed an American Flag Sticker on the tank that states this tank is manufactured in the USA. These stickers will be placed on every item that is made in the USA. This gives the consumer a clear direction when purchasing our compressor on how much of the complete unit is made in the USA.

I can only think of 2 companies that build compressors here in the USA.

Ultimately, we encourage our customers and potential customers to compare our product to any product in the industry.  You the buyer, should know exactly what you are buying and from whom you are buying it from.

Sincere Regards,

Matt Cain




1.  Where is the compressor pump manufactured?  International or USA?  What is the Model Number?

2.  Where is the pump assembled?  International or USA?  What is the Model Number?

3.  Where is the tank manufactured?  International or USA?

4.  Is the tank ASME Certified?

5.  Where is the electric motor manufactured?  International or USA?  What is the Model Number?

6.  Where is the electric motor assembled?  International or USA?  What is the Model Number?

7.  Where is the motor pulley manufactured?  International or USA?  What is the make of the pulley?

8.  Where are the belts manufactured?  International or USA?  What is the make of the belts?

9.  Where is the check valve manufactured?  International or USA?

10.  Where is the safety valve manufactured?  International or USA?

11.  Where is the ball valve manufactured?  International or USA?

12.  Where is this complete compressor unit final assembly done?

13.  Is the compressor pump steel or aluminum connecting rods?

14.  Do the connecting rods have replaceable insert bearings in the wrist pin and connecting rod?

15.  If the pump is a 2-stage, does it have a steel or aluminum piston?

16.  Does the pump have roller bearings or ball bearings for the crankshaft bearings?

17.  Do the cylinders have a sleeve or are they solid cast iron with no aluminum?

18.  What is the cylinder head made of?  Aluminum or Solid Cast Iron?

19.  Are the valves reed valves or disk valves?

20.  Can your valves be removed without pulling the cylinder head?

21.  If the unit is 2-stage, does the pump have an inter cooler and an after cooler?

22.  Is the crankcase aluminum or cast iron?

23.  Is the flywheel aluminum or cast iron?

24.  How many belts run the unit?

25.  What is the pump RPM?

26.  What is the motor RPM?

27.  What is the CFM?

28.  What is the motor service factor?

29.  What is the motor frame size?  Is it NEMA rated?

30.  What is the warranty and is it pro-rated? 

31.  What is the warranty on the compressor valves?  Is it pro-rated?

32.  How much is a rebuild kit to rebuild the pump?

33.  List any and all options included in the price of the unit.

By signing this, I, ____________________________, acknowledge that the information above is true and correct.